Sto Lat !

” עבר או עובר ויעבור”,
At Yad-VaShem, a quotation of Isaac Bashevis Singer is written: “A world that has passed”. In the case of John-Paul II, he remains a link. This aspect is always taken into consideration.
The Catholics love to quote the words and declarations of the acting pope. They are scared when this becomes ambiguous as, for example, the fact that former pope Benedict XVI decides to write or express his opinion. There seems to be only one and unique “acting if not pending” pope…
In fact, there are chains of bishops who were called to head the Roman Catholic Church of Rome. John-Paul II had a special destiny and resumé that was deeply mirrored in the destiny and history of his Polish nation, language, culture, traditions of the Slavs, a bit to the North to Lithuania, to the East with the “Polish-like” speeches of the Wend-Sorbisch/Serbs of Germany.
And a profound clutch with German, mainly through the K. u. K. the Austrian and Hungarian empire. His father gave to the young lad the first (Christian) name that showed this respect for the Central European Empire. John-Paul II really respected humankind. Undoubtedly a gifted man, interested in literature, theater, actions, creation, fighting for the freedom of speech and soul, true faith. “Do not fear” echoes this call to liberty, responsibility. It meant to be able to overcome the cowardice of weak souls, crooked personalities, double-sided ambiguous attitudes, and “lockdown”.
He was deeply educated and fond of German philosophy, gifted for languages. But not because he could or scarcely speak some of them: he was convinced that each dialect allows a connection to all of the human beings. He was convinced that newness had to germinate. The Catholic Church had been tempted by “ruling the Reign of the Lord throughout the continents”. He visited the parts of the globe as a simple and humble witness of life, over life and conviction in the resurrection.
Still, he was also “isolated” because he could not go beyond the frontiers that imprint and continue to impact the Christian heritage in Europe. He could not match with the Orthodox who only came up to some new freedom thirty years ago by the time of the perestroika and the fall of dictatorships. He was too close and still “alien” to the spirit of the East, the original Faith born from the totality of the Pentarchy. It is aching as for now in the pangs of revolving rebirthing processes.
Wrongdoings? Of course, because the Roman local Vatican was framed and it has always been comfortable to choose carrier rather than Serving. There are chains of popes and they help each other indeed. True, the abuse of authority, sexual abuse, abuse of administrative fencing have to be corrected. They threaten the Church directly. It is more and more difficult at present.
But again, silence makes it coward and mean. Time has passed and the whole thing requires a real cleansing. John-Paul II? We met some times, also as I gave him (and to now-cardinal Dziwisz of Krakow) 12 “philakta = signs of amity, philia” that use to be given in the Greek Orthodox tradition.
He remains a model for me in one very important way: do all you can not hurt back, not to be silent because of some cowardice, but be silent and speak only in time in order to pave the way to healing. Totus Tuus!

It is time to speak… wait and see.

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