Let’s meet fraternally in Philadelphia (Amman, Jordan)

I include here three recent short articles-commentaries” on the general context of the upcoming venue of the representatives of the canonical Orthodox jurisdictions in Amman (Jordan) for a “fraternal meeting” at the invitation of His Beatitude Theophilos, Patriarch of Jerusalem, ALll Palestine and Jordan.

HB. Theophilos of Jerusalem addressed the heads of the canonical Orthodox Church with a rather common circular letter. The representatives will be welcomed in Amman (Jordan), will reside in a nice hotel. It will not be a real synaxis but a “fraternal venue” among the leaders of the embattled Orthodox jurisdictions. All the representatives will have the opportunity (il not the obligation) to meet with King Abdullah II of Jordan, a man of power, a ruler, formerly a very good gambler, a man of geo-strategics, Guardian of the Holy Sites of Islam and Christianity in his country as also in Jerusalem (confirmed after long discussions by the State of Israel), The King is deeply involved in inter-religious dialogue and actions. He deposed once HB. Theophilos was about to do it again several times because the patriarchate of Jerusalem is reluctant to consecrate Arab Bishops. I underscored that for the new year 2020 greetings, Patriarch Theophilos was absent. HB. Theophilos works a lot. The question is with whom, where to, in a very embattled context. There won’t be other Patriarchs or bishops in Jerusalem and it is important. On the other hand, the upcoming meeting in Amman will not be a “theological” convention. It is just impossible. It will take place for other reasons: King Abdullah is one of the “key actors” in the “status quo” in the region. He can allot land and properties to Churches. Antioch is not that far and the new Arab Archbishop Christophoros of Amman visited HB. Yuhanan X of Antioch. Then, the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow, now fully reunified, re-deploys its “Russian Palestinian” presence and project in the Holy Land, esp. on the Jordan side. Wait and see, and may the Orthodox Churches find the insightful way to drink tea and serve the canonical Hours and Liturgies with patience and wisdom.

English version of the news published in the press: “https://spzh.news/en/news/68852-ijerusalimskij-patriarkh-soobshhil-v-kakom-formate-projdet-sovet-predstojatelej?fbclid=IwAR1f1ycU4H2NvdeXwLExULtWWZVAhFZ93D9dTynG6uTy7QUWXglHdlh1dp0”

Greek version: “https://www.ethnos.gr/…/89419_gramma-toy-patriarhi-ierosoly…“.


The photograph is just moving. As a matter of fact, Abp. Nektarios, a Greek from South America, a member of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem is a nice man and he was consecrated by HH. Bartholomaios. On the other hand, the two others – Met’s Hesychios of Kapitoliadis, second in the Patriarchate & Timotheos of Vostra and Exarch of the Holy Sepulcher in Cyprus – had a long “story” with HH. Bartholomaios who deposed them years ago for having created an eparchy in Australia… Met. Timotheos was 20 years the Secretary-General of the patriarchate of Jerusalem, was convinced he would be elected as patriarch after the repose of late Diodoros… He studied in Russia, is the son of a renowned communist, his real love for Russia led the Patriarchate of Moscow to overweigh his capacities and they supported him beyond the standards. Is he really the one who can “solve” or lead anything? Met. Hesychios is embattled with “recent” Australian affairs. This means that the picture is just St. Valentine show, a feast of the Encounter conversation. HH. Bartholomaios saved them all and the real actors are not on the shot. (picture: Nikos Manginas).

“Fraternal Gathering”? At least, indeed, there is an effort to allow the meeting of the canonical Orthodox Churches in Amman, Jordan on Feb. 25-26 next. The Patriarchs are reluctant to show. Deep in the heritage of the Orthodox traditions, there is true respect for the historical ranks of the early Pentarchy. Georgia is not Romania. It is one of the most ancient Churches and Traditions. It had been kicked out from Jerusalem in the year of the 2000 millennium, precisely by Met. Timotheos of Vostra, then Secretary-General of the Patriarchate of Jerusalem. We ought to remember that the Georgian Orthodox tradition developed in Jerusalem with St. Nino. The language, arts, presence in the Holy Land. For quite a long time, the Georgians “preferred” former Patriarch Irenaios though they accepted the election of HB. Theophilos in 2005. The Georgians require the return of their properties. The patriarchate of Jerusalem could not make a decision. Though, for sure, some bishops think it would be normal to return some places. Then, the Russian presence at Amman – that is evident in the context of the Holy Land – is not “attractive” for the Church of Georgia.

Read the link on the refusal of Patriarch Elia of Georgia to attend the meeting in Amman on February 25-27, 2020: “https://orthochristian.com/128543.html”.

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