Faith & Speech 1 (19.10.31)

Please find attached here two links that allow accessing online the new cycles of chronicles and video-conferences that I start for 2019-20 on the Orthodox site “” based in Paris (France).

The first chronicle in English is “Faith and Utterances 1”:”

These are the daily dates that I use to share every day on my different sites and blogs as they appear on this Sunday night:

יום א’ ראשון וראשי און א שיינעם זונטיק כ”ח דתשרי תש”ף.
Приятного Воскресенья 27-ого\14-ого Октября 2019-7528. Blessed Sunday 27\14 of October 2019-7528 – Safar 29, 1441.
6769, 29, (tishrin qadmaya) ܬܫܪܝܢ ܩܕܡܝܐ

It shows that we are on the first head day (of the week) [Hebrew], a nice Sunday [Yiddish] 28 of Tishri 5780 / a sweet Sunday or Day of the Resurrection 27/14 of October 2019-7528 [Russian] / on the 29th day of the Month Safar of the Year 1441 of the Hijri, i.e. on the 29th day of the first (month) on Tishrin in the Year 6769 after the Assyrian comput.

I daily refer to these traditions. Basically, it allows appreciating times and delays. It means that we are on the move, live on the same planet, in different locations and that we understand the deployment of measurable periods and spaces according to contrasting cultural patterns. They maintain the primacy of a diversified system, among all human beings, in view to approach the quality of living in a special generation. Contemporary existence and continuous streaming that advances ahead of future times.

A year ago, I had started to publish posts in English on this site. These were conceived as chronicles on the connection between the Eastern Christian Orthodox traditions and the way the Jewish traditions could meet at the present. It was just a sort of launch, merely a project. Serving as an Orthodox priest in Israeli society and being born a Jew of Hebrew, Yiddish, multi-faceted backgrounds, I have spent long years of reflecting on the present development of new diachronic and synchronic cultural, mental, social, linguistic and spiritual-theological trends. I continue the reflection with back and forth travels and experiences in Hebrew-, Yiddish, Slavic-speaking environments. (Cont’d online…).

The final video-conference in French on the cycle “Les Portes Royales” et le sens du sacerdoce, du Service Divin, du Sacrement de l’Ordre dans le judaïsme et le christianisme :”

“Nous vous invitons à regarder la 7e conférence du cycle « Les portes royales » donnée par le père Alexandre Winogradsky Frenkel qui présente aussi le thème pour 2019-2020.” (Suite en ligne par le lien).



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