Allilous Daily Prayer 49, January 4/17, 2013 – 7522”

Prayer for all, for the Middle-East and as every Friday-Saturday for the departed. Pre-intercession to the feast of the Theophany of the Lord. In Hebrew, Greek, Slavonic, Arabic, Aramaic, English.

For those who are tomorrow in Paris and do understand French, I shall give this lecture at the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral of the Saint Archangels, before returning to Jerusalem,


יום ו’ און א שיינעם פרייטיק ט”ז דשבט תשע”ד – Приятного дня Пятницы 174-ого Января 20147522 – Friday, Januarу 174, 2014-7522. Rabî Avval 16, 1435
Thursday, January 17, 2014 (7522)
Gregorian calendar: Thursday, January 30, 2014
Sunrise: 09:10; Sunset: 21:17 as observed at Jerusalem
No fast

Thursday of the 32nd Week after Pentecost; Tone VI

Venerable and Godbearing Father Anthony the Great († 356)
Holy Emperor Theodosius the Great (4th C)
Venerable Anthony the New
Venerable Anthony of Dymi Lake, Novgorod († 1224)
Venerable Anthony the Roman
Venerable Anthony of Cherny Lake (16th C)
Venerable Anthony of Krasny Kholm († 1481)
Venerable Achilles the Confessor (5th C)


Matins: Mt 11:27-30 (§ 43); (St Anthony);
Liturgy: Heb 13:17-21 (§ 335); Lk 6:17-23a (§ 24); (St Anthony).

The “Shaarei Teshuvah” (c.1823)
Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Maroglis first served as rabbi in Brestitzki, Poland, and later in Dubno, Poland/Ukraine. He is the author of a digest of halachic responsa written after the publication of the Code of Jewish Law, known as “Shaarei Teshuvah.” This work can be found in the margins of most prints of the Code of Jewish Law.

Chumash Parshat Yitro, 6th Portion (Exodus 19:20-20:14)חומש פרשת יתרו, חלק ו’
Psalms Chapters 79-82ספר תהילים פרקים ע”ט-פב
Tanya Likutei Amarim, end of Chapter 21תניא ליקוטי אמרים, סוף פרק כ”א.
Rambam 3 Chapters, 1 Chapter, Sefer Hamitzvot

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