Allilous Daily Prayer 44, January 10, 2014/7522 – December 28, 2013”

Allilous Daily Prayer 44 by protopresbyter av aleksandr (Patriarchate of Jerusalem), prayer to Saint Nikolaos, for the needs of all the Church, the Middle-East, Syria and Iraq in particular, for the departed, the victims of wars. In Hebrew, Slavonic, Greek, Aramaic, English, Arabic.

IT ALSO INCLUDES an intercession for those who suffer from the cold in North America, those who are in need, the poor, the homeless and the animals and the vegetation.

יום ו’ און א שיינעם פרייטיק ט’ דשבט תשע”ד – Приятного дня Пятницы 10-ого Января 2014752228-ого Декабря 2013 – Friday, December 28, 2013-7522 Januarу 10, 2014-7522. Rabî Avval 9, 1435
Friday, December 28, 2013 (7522)
Gregorian calendar: Friday, January 10, 2014
Sunrise: 09:04; Sunset: 21:11 as observed at Jerusalem
No fast

Friday of the 29th Week after Pentecost; Tone III

Afterfeast of the Nativity of Our Lord
✺ 20,000 Martyrs burned at Nicomedia including Glycerios the Presbyter, Zeno, Theophilus the Deacon, Dorotheus, Mardonius, Migdonius the Deacon, Indysos, Gorgonios, Peter, Euthymios, Secundos, Nicostrates, the Women martyrs Agatha, Domna, Theophila, Antonia Antonia and others († 302)
Apostle of the 70 Nicanor the Deacon († 38)
Venerable Ignatius of Lomsk and Yaroslavl († 1591)
Venerable Simon the Myrrh-Gusher of Mt Athos and Bulgaria († 1287)
Venerable Babilas
New Hieromartyr Nicodemus, Bishop of Belgorod († 1918)


Liturgy: Heb 7:18-25 (§ 317) (Friday of the 29th Week after Pentecost); Mk 12:1-12 (§ 53) (Friday of the 32th Week after Pentecost); ; Rom 8:3-9 (§ 96 (mid.)); Lk 10:19-21 (§ 51 (mid.)); (Martyrs).

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