Allilous Prayer 22, December 13/November 30, 2013 – 7522”

Allilous Prayer 22, by protopresbyter av aleksandr (Patriarchate of Jerusalem), Evening prayer and intercession for all the peoples, for the sick, the Church, the Middle-East, Ukraine, in Hebrew, Greek, Slavonic, Aramaic, Arabic, Norwegian, Ukrainian.

Let’s pray for all the groups and individuals, orphans, abandoned people of all ages who are on their way as refugees from Syria, Iraq and all the countries. It is cold in Syria, there is snow,

hunger and some people are really abandoned.

May we always pray to the Lord with decency, never misuse the Name of the Creator or to argue in His Name, but always look for decency, charities to be shared, compassion, hugs and kisses, reach our hands to those in neeed, as we all are in need of the One Saviour.

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